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Please fill in this form when interested in my 1:1 education. I will then contact you via email or instagram DM 


Gelieve dit formulier in te vullen bij interesse in een 1:1 training. Ik neem dan contact op via email of instagram DM

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Question 1 of 7

ENG: What is your full name and your instagram name?


DUTCH: Wat is je naam en je instagram naam?

Question 2 of 7

ENG: What kind of 1:1 training are you interested in?

Full day (6 hours) is €997 excl VAT INCLUDING access to my hairstyling & business course!

Half day (3,5 hours) €677 excl VAT


DUTCH: Wat voor soort 1:1 training wil je graag boeken?

Hele dag (6 uur) is €997 excl BTW, inclusief toegang tot mijn online Hairstyling & business cursus

Halve day (3,5 uur) is €677 excl BTW


Full day (6 hours) on Bridal Hairstyling


Full day (6 hours). 3,5 hours focus on hairstyling, remaining hours focus on business


Half day (3,5 hours) of bridal hairstyling


Half day (3,5 hours) of business/instagram

Question 3 of 7

ENG: When interested in hairstyling, which styles/techniques do you want to work on during this class?

Please note: only Clean updo's, Glam waves, or anything clean & polished! No boho styles


DUTCH: Bij interesse in een hairstyling training, welke kapsels/technieken wil je dan aan werken?

PS: alleen clean updo's, glam waves of al het andere dat clean & polished is! Geen boho etc. 

Question 4 of 7

ENG: if you are interested in business education, let me know below what it is you want to achieve, and what is currently stopping you to achieve that. Where do you need help with?


DUTCH: als je interesse hebt in business begeleiding tijdens deze training; wat is het dat je graag wilt bereiken, en wat houd je momenteel tegen? Waar heb je hulp bij nodig?

Question 5 of 7

ENG: if you are not from the Netherlands, are you willing to travel?


Yes, I would love to come to the Netherlands


No, I want to do a 1:1 online session (this is only possible for business education only, or 1 style combined with business!)


No I don't want to travel

Question 6 of 7

ENG: Which month, and what days fits you best?


DUTCH: Welke maand en wat voor dagen komen je het beste uit?

Question 7 of 7

ENG: Anything else you would like to add?


DUTCH: Wil je nog iets toevoegen?

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