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3 Mistakes you could be making, when creating clean hairstyles, and what you should do instead!


The 3 Mistakes you could be making

Learn about the 3 mistakes you could be making when it comes to clean upstyling. 

What to do instead

Learn what you could do instead, so you can start creating clean hairstyles immediately. 

How CBHA can help you

Learn how my online course or Membership can help you master clean hairstyling, attracting your ideal brides and discover your signature looks.

About your instructor

My name is Alice Kapitein and I am a bridal hairstylist since 2017. I am specialized in clean hairstyling, and I have taught over 350 students over the past few years. My passion is to work polished and clean, and that is what I want to teach other stylists as well!

Recognize this?

You see all these beautiful clean & polished hairstyles on instagram and pinterest, and somehow you are wondering why your hairstyles aren't like that. Why do I see so much frizz? Why is my updo not shiny? Why is my crimping so visible? Etc. etc. etc...

It might frustrate you and you might be doubting about yourself. Am I really good enough? Am I a good (bridal) hairstylist? Will brides truly want to book me?

There is no need to feel this way. Once you know the mistakes you could be making, it will be easier to avoid them and you will notice that clean hairstyling will become easier for you. 

My question for you:

Are you ready to find out what these mistakes could be?

And how Clean Bridal Hair Academy can help you to master clean hairstyling?

What is stopping you? Sign up for my free masterclass now!

You will walk away with so much value! 


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