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Streamline, manage, market, and communicate your bridal business & services with ease, elevate the bridal experience, and gaine more quality time for family and friends by setting the right boundaries!" 

Let's do this!

Education is part of Clean Bridal Hair Academy 

This course has English 🇬🇧, Dutch 🇳🇱 & Spanish 🇪🇸 subtitles available.

All downloadable and editable templates/checklists are in English & Dutch. 

Imagine this..

Within just a few weeks/months from now, you will:

Have structure in your day to day tasks, when it comes to handling bookings, doing admin, answering emails, creating instagram content etc 

  • no more ‘doing it whenever you feel like it’ because then you will forget things! 

have discovered for yourself WHO it is that you want attract for bridal bookings 

  • now it will be WAY easier to create your website and Instagram posts/captions, since you know who you speak to. This is KEY!🔑

have created your own bridal contract, because:

  • you went deep on HOW you want to run your bridal business and the boundaries you want to set 
  • you created/or tweaked your bridal packages 

the communication in your emails, website, contracts & Instagram has improved and you no longer get unnecessary dm’s or emails:

  • since you now understand where to focus on
  • you now know which things should be communicated WHEN!



Bridal inquiries are coming in more frequently, and they turn into actual bookings with ease because you are showing up as a PROFESSIONAL!

Do you recognize this?


You are running your bridal hairstyling business, and things are going 'okay', but:

  • Business wise you are just not sure if you are doing it right. You see stylists work with contract, deposits, bookings systems, and all you think is: HOW & WHY? Or, 'am I doing it all right?'
  • You feel overwhelmed! There is so much to do, your to do list is endless and you don't know where to start. You are missing a workflow
  • You lack structure in your business. There is no clear workflow which causes that you are forgetting things, or doing them twice, and you don't know how to schedule it all since you have no employees who can help you.
  • You just don't know where to start!
  • You have the passion and the talent, but when it comes to organizing your business effectively, you may feel lost.
  • You love your job, but you are feeling frustrated when it comes to the lack of quality time you have with family and friends?

All of this can leave you questioning your next move. 

It's time to understand HOW to RUN your bridal business

Managing, Marketing & Communication


We can make things super complicated, but why not make is as SIMPLE as possible? Right!?

In bridal business, it basically comes down to these 3 things:



Imagine running your bridal business like a well-oiled machine.

Where you effortlessly manage your clients bookings and appointments, all while delivering exceptional service that your brides will LOVE!. It's time to turn this vision into reality

All of this using the DICTB process (Discover, Inquire, Contract/Deposit, Trial session and Bridal Time)



Effective marketing is essential to stand out from the crowd and attract your dream brides. It's time to understand who your ideal bride is, why & how you want to serve them and HOW to attract them. 

All this using your INSTAGRAM!



Effective communication is the heart of your bridal business. Understanding your brides unique needs and giving them all the information on the right moments is crucial in order for them to feel absolute confident in booking & choosing you!

But also setting boundaries and communicating these is key in a successful bridal business!

I need this!



THE bridal hairstylists BUSINESS course that will help you understand, manage, market, communicate, structure and streamline your bridal business.

What you will learn:

This course will give you clarity on how to run and streamline your bridal business. 

Once inside, you will quickly learn:

  • How the booking process works and which steps you should take during each part of the process
  • How to work with contracts & deposits (including templates!)
  • How your workflow should look like so you stay structured (Manage, Market, Communicate)
  • How to increase your productivity by knowing exactly what to do 
  • How to attract your ideal brides so you will be able to create the styles YOU LOVE!
  • How to create your bridal packages and set your prices 
  • How to offer clip in extensions & hair jewelry's 
  • Why communication is KEY!
  • How to have successful trial sessions by having the right conversations and documentations
  • How to create a business plan so you stay focused on your end goals


Available with English, Dutch AND Spanish subtitles!

Say no more! I am in!

Understand HOW to run your business, and make it fun!


Let's have a look inside


What is inside each module


What to expect from the course and downloading your workbook


Managing your bridal business

Understanding the DICTB Booking proccess

Working with contracts

Working with deposits

Your workflow as a bridal hairstylist

Packaging your services

Calculating your prices

Offering clip in extensions (& hair jewelry's)


Marketing your bridal business

Why a signature look can help you attract your dream brides

How to use instagram for your bridal business

How to stand out in the crowd


Communication in your bridal business

Why communication is key in your bridal business & where to focus on + implement it

Trial session consultation & documentation

Setting boundaries & finding balance


Growing your bridal business

How a business plan can help you achieving your goals



All done-for-you downloadable (& editable) templates for contracts/emails/checklists AND a Instagram Content planner spreadsheet

Access to all replays of Business LIVE sessions I gave inside Clean Bridal Hair Academy

Additional bonus lessons: SOON - How to use TRELLO to stay organized

Access to private Facebook group for Q&A sessions every 2 months

After Bridal Business Mastery, you will:

Understand ALL things bridal business

There is no more guess work since you know what is all included in running a bridal business, how to set your boundaries etc.





Have a clear workflow & system in place

You will be able to run your bridal business with ease, since you now know WHAT to do WHEN, using the Bridal Booking Checklist, the workflow overview, the contract template, email templates and trial checklist.

Which gives you extra time to spend with family and friends!

Attract your DREAM brides!

You will understand WHO it is you want to serve, and HOW you want to serve them. Plus you will be able to attract them via instagram with the right strategy in place!

And by implementing the right communication you will make your brides feel absolute confident about choosing you! 


Who will benefit from this course?

  • Hairstylists who want to transition to bridal hairstyling, and who want to learn how to do this effectively
  • Beginner bridal hairstylists with minimum experience when it comes to running a bridal business, and they want to learn it all!
  • Bridal hairstylists who need more help with managing, marketing, communication, structuring & streamlining their bridal business


This business course is not for those who already:

- have automated systems in place

- have set clear boundaries

- are attracting their dream clients

- working with contracts & deposits and everything runs smoothly and successful.

It's time to understand HOW to RUN your bridal business


Wife, mother, bridal hairstylist, hair educator and online course creator. 

Over the last 7 years I served over 250 brides, and taught over 300 students during in class trainings, and 197+ students are inside my online course(s).

But ... when I started my bridal hairstyling business 7 years ago, I was missing something. 

I didn't know where to learn HOW to structure/run/streamline my bridal business. I just guessed and learned it along the way. Meaning, it took me several years, and I made many mistakes!

And I don't want that for you!

That is why I created this course, so you don't have to figure it out all on your own.

What other stylists are saying ..

She went all in on bridal styling only, since January 2023!

'I am practically fully booked for the whole year, which is very good for my first year doing brides'.

Lisan Bos - @hetbeautyinstituut.

Student of Clean Bridal Hair Academy & Bridal Business Mastery

Read more testimonials about my education here
If you are ready to make your bridal business more professional, NOW is your time!


And run your bridal business like a PRO!

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  • Q&A LIVE sessions every 2 months
  • Contract template/Email templates / Workbook / Instragram tips guide/ Customizable templates
  • Replays of LIVE business AND hairstyling lessons from CBHA

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