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Clean hairstyling is my passion!


Hi, I'm Alice, and I've been a bridal hairstylist and educator for 5 years now.

Join Clean Bridal Hair Academy to get confident in creating clean & polished bridal hairstyles.

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Reopening mid January 2023.

Clean Bridal Hair Academy

Become confident in creating clean polished hairstyles with ease & streamline your bridal business like a PRO!

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Bridal Stylist Community!

For (beginner) bridal stylists, who are looking for connection, community and learning all about starting your bridal business and all the fundamentals of having a bridal business + book your first/or more brides


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Free Masterclass

Learn the 3 mistakes you could be making when (trying) to create clean hairstyles and what to do instead. 

Updated 23th of June 2022


Mini course 

How to use instagram and Canva for your bridal business

Learn all about instagram and Canva and how to use this for your bridal business.

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Top 3 tips for Clean upstyling
Top 3 tips for long lasting Modern ridges
Free Checklist - Musthave tools & Products
GUIDE - Balancing Momlife & work (create your own schedule!)

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