An online membership for (future/beginner) bridal hair stylists who are seeking for connection, want to learn how to start their bridal business, learn all the fundamentals of having a bridal business, generating more bridal bookings, learn the basics of hairstyling and having the possibility to ask ALL of their questions.

  • Go from being a hairstylist, to becoming a successful bridal hairstylist. 
  • From starting your bridal business, to growing it. 
  • From booking your first brides & clients, to consistent bookings. 

All this in a safe online community where you will feel guided & supported. Are you in?


Does this sound familiar to you?

  • You want to officially start your bridal business, but you just don’t know where to start. What should I do, where do I begin? WHO CAN I ASK FOR HELP!?

  • You recently started your bridal business, but things still aren’t working out the way you want to. You feel like you need more guidance on how to handle certain things, because it feels like you are constantly making ‘mistakes’ or running into ‘issues’ and you would love to know how to solve them + avoid them 

  • You are in the bridal business for a few years now, things are going great, but you are still looking for this connection with other stylists, support in your work and, you LOVE learning + you just want to be part of an amazing community!?

If any of these sounds like you, I hear you!

I have been where you are now! I have been a bridal hairstylist for 6 years now, and I am still looking for connection and support. I always want to learn more, and I wish there was a place like this community that I could have joined 6 years ago.

What if I told you..

That within a few months you can achieve this:

You will have made the decision to officially start your bridal business and register it, OR you will decide to keep it as your side job for now. Making this decision for yourself will help you move forward 

- You booked your very first bride (if you never had a booking before)

- You are booking more (& consistent) brides and clients (if you already have some bookings)

You will understand all the basics of hairstyling. The big do’s & Dont’s

- You will have knowledge on products & tools 

This is what we will cover from the months November till March. After that, many topics & themes will follow. 

Let me introduce you:


Let me introduce you:


Bridal stylist community is a place for (beginner) bridal hair stylists to

  • Learn how to officially start their bridal business/become a bridal hairstylist
  • Learn all the basics and fundamentals of having a bridal business (hairstyling tips/products/tools)
  • Get support from Alice and other stylists within this community 
  • Connect and interact with other stylists:

Who are at the same level as you.

Within your own area/country 

  • Ask questions during our monthly Confidence (Q&A) sessions (30 - 45min) 
  • Ask all of your questions and advice inside the community
  • Join other LIVE sessions with Alice (and guest teachers/speakers in future)
  • Have the possibility to receive feedback on your work 
  • Have to possibility to get featured on my Instagram page so that more stylists & brides will get to know you and your work! 
  • Share your jobs/find assistants etc



Get access to a selection of replays from LIVE sessions from my online course Clean Bridal Hair Academy. And you will receive an amazing offer to join my online course once you feel you are ready for it

PSSS…Once signed up for my online course CBHA you will get Access to an exclusive group inside the community for Monthly LIVE sessions on hairstyling & business, so the education will continue. All to bring you to a whole new level!

Bridal stylist community:

  •  Is a private community outside of FB, so you won't get distracted with all kinds of advertising
  •  Available via IOS app (android app soon available) 
  •  Will notify you when new posts, events and announcements have been made inside the community! 

In this community you are able to create a profile, send DMs, but also DM other stylists and chat in a group chat (perfect for networking!)


Get instant access to:

  • Bridal Stylist Community 
  • Replay of LIVE class bridal hair prep
  • Replay of CBHA LIVE session - How to work with veils 
  • Resources on Starting your bridal business + Becoming a bridal hairstylist (Guides & Checklist), IG tips for engagement season etc

What can you expect from being a member of BSC?

  • Each month there will be a topic/theme. The LIVE session of that month will be based on that topic. Plus, you get access to topic related resources (Such as PDF’s, workbooks, checklists , done for you templates & videos).  
  • The themes for the upcoming months will be: 
    • Becoming a bridal hairstylist and understanding the 4 stages - Nov/December
    • How to get your first (or more) bookings - January
    • Basic Do’s and Don’ts hairstyling - February
    • Basic products & tools knowledge - March
  • The LIVE sessions inside BSC will be hosted by me, but I also might invite guest speaker/teachers 
  • During Q&A sessions you are able to ask all of your questions regarding that month's topic and I will teach/share my tips & tricks
  • Inside the community you are able to ask all your other questions via posts.

What makes Bridal Stylist Community different from other membership communities?

First of all:

Bridal Stylist Community is mainly focused on connection, support and guidance. It will give you more clarity on if you need to start your bridal business and how, how to book more clients etc.

Most membership communities are focused on teaching you all kinds of hairstyles. 


  • BSC is a private community outside of Facebook, so you won't get distracted
  • BSC is a very organized and structured community, so you know exactly what to do once you join, where to go and where to find certain topics etc
  • BSC gives you the opportunity to create group chats with other stylists/members
  • Inside BSC you are able to create your own profile

Who is a right fit for Bridal Stylist Community?

 This community is a perfect place for:

  • Hairstylists who really want to officially start their bridal business

  • 'Beginners' bridal hairstylist who just started, but seek for connection, want more guidance in how to handle things and who know they still can learn more about hairstyling and business

  • Bridal hairstylists who are in business for several years, but still are looking for that place where they are able to connect with other stylists who are at the same level, or stylists in their area and who are open for learning more. 

Who is not a right fit for BSC?

  • Bridal stylists who are already at that level that they are able to join Clean Bridal Hair Academy and also have the budget and will for it (completely focused on creating clean polished hairstyles). If this is you, I highly recommend joining CBHA. (You will get access to an exclusive space inside BSC)

  • Bridal stylists who have a successful bridal business, booked out all year round with their ideal brides and not seeking for extra support & connection

The face behind

Bridal Stylist Community


Hi! My name is Alice Kapitein and I am so exited to see you are interested in BSC. I have been a bridal hairstylist for 6 years now, (online) hair educator, did over 250 brides, so I have quite some experience in the field. 

During my time as a bridal hairstylist, I made many mistakes. Mistakes I don't want you to make. 

Wouldn't it be great that you are able to learn from someone who has been where you are now and who can help you make the right decisions, answer your questions and guide you to the process of becoming and being a bridal hairstylist? 

I am all here for it! 



Inside BSC there is also an EXCLUSIVE group for my online course students. This is a private group where I will be hosting LIVE sessions specially for my online course students. These LIVE sessions are more focused on the course material of creating clean bridal hairstyles and a way to keep educating them. 

They are able to connect with each other in this group and ask their questions, but they can stay inside the Bridal Stylist Community as well - if they prefer. 



Monthly Membership

€ 18


  • Access to the Bridal Stylist Community
  • Access to LIVE Q&A sessions
  • Access to useful resources

DOORS ARE CLOSED! Membership will change into a mini-course soon.

Annual Membership


Price per year / Get 2 months for free!

  • Same as monthly




DOORS ARE CLOSED! Membership will change into a mini-course soon. 

Each month new content will be added, based on the theme of month

This can be guides, workbooks/Checklists or video content


Early bird pricing ends in:

What is the difference between Bridal Stylist Community and Clean Bridal Hair Academy?

Bridal Stylist Community is mainly focused on community & support for those stylists who want to start their bridal business, and looking for connection with other stylists. I have created this specially for those bridal stylists who need more guidance in their business. 

Clean Bridal Hair Academy is a very in depth structured online course teaching you exactly how to create clean & polished bridal hairstyles and streamline your bridal business like a PRO.

Inside Bridal Stylist Community I will be teaching as well, but it will be all the fundamentals a bridal stylists need. Clean Bridal Hair Academy is for those who are ready for the next level

What if I decide to join Clean Bridal Hair Academy while I am part of the Bridal Stylist Community?

Once you decide to level up your skills even more and you want to join CBHA, you can do so. The subscription for BSC will continue (unless you cancel it). If you sign up for the CBHA Members Community you will be added into an exclusive space for my online course students. It’s up to you if you still want to stay inside BSC or cancel it. 

Students will pay a monthly fee to be part of the exclusive CBHA Members community. 

Frequent asked questions


If you want to cancel your subscription, you will need to send an email to [email protected] with the subject: ‘I want to cancel my subscription’.

This email needs to be sent to us 14 days BEFORE your next payment! We will manually remove your subscription within 7 workdays. 


If you want to contact Alice and see if you are a good fit, please email at [email protected] 

KVK: 68050674.  -   When purchasing BSC, you will receive an email with all of the information. This is a digital online product