An easy to follow mini course to get your bridal hairstyling business started, and generate your first (or more) bridal bookings.

  • Go from having NO CLUE on how to get your bridal business started, to officially start and register it
  • From 0 bookings, to your very first bookings
  • booking your first brides & clients, to consistent bookings.
  • And filling your first ever bridal kit with the best tools & products 

Are you in?


Does this sound familiar to you?

  • You want to officially start your bridal business, but you just don’t know where to start. What should I do, where do I begin? WHO CAN I ASK FOR HELP!?

  • You are searching online HOW to actually START as a bridal hairstylist, but you can’t find any useful resources or information 
  • You would love to join a very focused course that will teach you the HOW on getting your bridal business started, and get your first bridal bookings  
  • You are looking for connection with other stylists who are at the same level as you,  and you just want to be able to ask all of your questions inside a private FB group!?

If any of these sounds like you, I hear you!

I have been where you are now! I have been a bridal hairstylist for over 6 years now, and I wish there was a mini course like this that I could have joined 6 years ago to get my business of the ground.

What if I told you..

That within a few weeks you can achieve this:

You will have made the decision to officially start your bridal business and register it, OR you will decide to keep it as your side job for now. Making this decision for yourself will help you move forward 

- You booked your very first bride (if you never had a booking before)

- You are booking more (& consistent) brides and clients (if you already have some bookings)

- You will have knowledge on products & tools, and know which to purchase for your very first kit

Let me introduce you:



In this mini course you will:


  • Learn what a bridal hairstylist is, and the 4 stages you will go through
  • Learn how to officially start your bridal business
  • Learn how to get your very first (and more consistent) bookings
  • Learn which tools & products you need for your very first bridal hair kit
  • Get support from Alice inside the private FB group
  • Connect and interact with other stylists

Dutch subtitles available in videos lessons

Start YOUR business now!

Get instant access to:

  • The course material
    • 4 in depth video lessons
    • Replay of a LIVE sessions where I give my personal advice to beginner stylist (and their current stage in business) and how to move forward
    • Guides & templates
  • Private facebook group
  • Other resources on IG tips etc
  • BONUS MINICOURSE on How to use Instagranm for your bridal business


What students say

Who is a right fit for

Start YOUR bridal business?


This mini course is perfect for:

  • Hairstylists who really want to officially start their bridal hairstyling business

  • 'Beginners' bridal hairstylist who just started doing bridal hair, but haven't officially started their business yet

  • Bridal hairstylists who recently started their bridal business, and are now stuck. They haven't received any bookings and they need clarity in their next steps

Who is not a right fit?

  • Bridal stylists who already have registred their bridal business and have consistent bookings coming in

The face behind;

Start YOUR bridal business 

Hi! My name is Alice Kapitein and I am so exited to see you are interested in this mini course. I have been a bridal hairstylist for 6 years now, (online) hair educator, did over 250 brides, so I have quite some experience in the field.

One thing I missed when I was just starting out, was guidance in HOW to start. So I figured it out all on my own. But I don't want that for you!

That is why I created this easy to follow mini course (low costs), so you can get started asap.



Full 1 time payment

€ 67

  • Access to the mini course material
  • Access to private FB group to ask ALL of your questions regarding starting your bridal business
  • Access to useful resources, and replay of a LIVE session with real stylists (and my personal advice to them)
  • BONUS: Access to mini course How to use Instagram & Canva for your bridal business


Start NOW!

Frequent asked questions

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