BOOST YOUR STYLING CONFIDENCE by gaining KNOWLEDGE on your tools & products!


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(This is a replay of my 2 day LIVE masterclass I taught in May 2023)
This information is also available inside my hairstyling course! So if you are a member, this masterclass is not for you ;) 

Does this sounds like you?

  • 'Why is styling taking me so long?'
  • 'Why am I seeing all of this crimping? I don't want it to be visible!'
  • 'Which products should I use for this hairstyle? Do I need creams, wax, or .. ?'
  • 'Should I use a curling iron, or a straightener for this style?'
  • 'Why is my teasing so visible?'
  • 'What is the difference between all of those hairsprays? What is a liquid hairspray and what is aerosol?'


Does this sound like you? If yes, then I have good news!

What if I told you I can help you with all of this, in my Masterclass called Bridal Hairstyling knowledge made simple?

Recently, I taught a 2day LIVE Masterclass and it was AMAZING! 

We talked about tools knowledge, product knowledge, how to crimp and tease without it being visible AND I answered ALL of the questions from the stylists who participated. And let me tell, they asked some really good questions where you will absolutely benefit from. 

By signing up for this Replay Masterclass, you will get:

instant access to the replay of my 2day online LIVE masterclass (3 video lessons (30+ minutes each) of the LIVE itself, 1 video with a very special limited time offer to join my online education)


Yes I am in!

After this masterclass, you will...

  • have knowledge on what kind of tools you need to use, and the mistakes you want to avoid when it comes to clean hairstyling
  • have knowledge on what kind of products you need and WHY, plus where to focus on and what kind of mistakes to avoid
  • Know exactly how to create a solid prep by crimping and teasing (without it being visible) which will make your clean hairstyling way easier!

What other stylists said about this masterclass

Knowledge will GROW & BOOST your confidence!

What are you waiting for?



This price for the value you will get is insane!

  • Access to the replay Masterclass (3 video lessons - 2 of 30+ minutes, and 1 of 1 hour long)
  • This sessions includes a Q&A session where I answered many important and valuable questions
  • Including a bonus on how to use your straightener during prep
  • Including special limited time offer (7 days only AFTER registration) to join my online education*

This masterclass is not for those who are already a member of my hairstyling course


*Bridal Business Mastery and Bridal Hairstyling Mastery 

When does this take place?

You can watch these lessons in your own time, whenever YOU want. 

This masterclass is an introduction to my online courses Bridal Hairstyling Mastery & Bridal Business Mastery. 

The exact roadmap to master Clean bridal hairstyling and streamlining your bridal business.  In video 4, I will introduce you to this course with an exclusive limited time offer - which is only available for 7 days!