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''CBHA is very affordable, keeps you up to date, gives you lots of tips for your techniques, as for how to run your business.''

 ''The course is easy to follow but pushes you to evaluate everything you already know and try new technics.

On regular basis there are live classes, Q&A,… So you can ask anything to Alice and the community.

I like learning, but what I definitely take with me from the course is how to organise everything. I used to struggle a lot with keeping a work order to do hair. And thanks to Alice I found a method to hold controle during trials and wedding days. It makes me more confident and relax so I can focus on my client.

When I started the CBHA I was already good at updo’s but now I pinned down my niche where I’m good at. I picked up a lot of new techniques and tricks to create gorgeous updo’s where my clients are happy with it.

If you’re serious about your profession, whatever it is, you need to keep up with the latest trends and educate yourself.

Alice is a very hands- on educator who keeps track on her students so you don’t get lost in an updo or something.

The Clean Bridal Hair Academy is very affordable, keeps you up to date, gives you lots of tips for your techniques as for how to run your business.

It was the best investment that I made in 2022!

Anne van Kampen | Mrs. Hairdo


''I feel like CBHA is one of the most personal course out there''


''I’ve been looking for online courses in bridal hair but there aren’t that many available. When I came across CBHA I was so excited. It was the total package and in the style I liked. A lot of online bridal courses are Boho or everything mixed which I just didn’t need and I want to get better at the clean hairstyles. 

The tutorials are very well explained, CBHA also has a lot of very helpful business advices which are important when you’re starting in bridal business. CBHA is also very personal and you can easily get help if needed. I do highly recommend joining the online community as well so you can get more personal feedback etc.

I am now more organized and confident. I know what I have to do and for example know how to recreate inspiration pictures. I definitely need to train more on my hairstyles but I also like how I can just watch all of the videos back so when I’m creating hairstyles and don’t know what my next step should be, I can watch the tutorial and continue.

If you doubt about joining: Just do it, really. ''

- Lisan Bos | Het Beauty Instituut

''CBHA helped me to work with documents, like agreements, pricing lists etc. It gives so much clarity for me''


'' The thing I like most about CBHA, is that you start with the basic. How to use a curling iron, how to crimp and why, how to tease and why etc. And from here, you work your way up.

I was looking for something I could really learn and benefit from, and something that would give me action steps. I still use all the material, since I am able to rewatch all videos.

The unique thing about CBHA is ‘the business part’. How to handle things business wise. Things like: How to attract your ideal brides? Are you communicating everything clear with your brides? How to work with social media etc?

CBHA helped me to work with documents, like agreements, pricing lists etc. It gives so much clarity for me, and the brides as well. 

If I needed to describe CBHA in just a few words, it would be: confidence, knowledge, proud, challenge, young business owners, grow and improvement.

Personally I really enjoy it to be inside the CBHA Members Community as well. You notice that you are not the only beginner bridal hairstylist, and that it is okay to ask questions. You get lots of support from Alice & other, but also feedback. You are growing your network, by getting in touch with other hairstylists.

Since joining CBHA I received more bridal bookings. This could be because my hairstyling skills has improved, but also the way I use my social media now.

If you wonder when it is the right time to join CBHA, I would say: NOW. You never know when you feel ready, so why not start now?''

- Lisa Welink | IntoHair


''The business part of the course really helped me to become 

more professional''


''I can honestly say that your program gave me many new insights. 

Firstly, I love your way of explaining things. Especially the video's are very good and clear. 

The business part of the course really helped me to become more 'professional', and it encouraged me to take action on some of the 'business related things'.

Right now I am still working on developing my entire 'business side of things', but with all the templates and examples the course has, it's easy for me to create my own documents. And I just love that I am able to rewatch everything :)

I am very positive about your program and the way you are handling things!''

- Sandra Veldhoen | Style & Bride

''all difficulties and struggles will be made easier for anyone joining''


'' My name is Elfrieder Dekkers, a student of CBHA. I was and still in my 2nd year in my bridal business, I have done 6 brides and more than 15 wedding guest hair. I did all this jobs only from watching Instagram and YouTube so they weren’t so beautiful as I was very confused about products and tools to use until I joined CBHA and learnt about products, tools and techniques.

I choose CBHA over other companies offering similar courses because I follow Alice on her Instagram and Facebook and saw the beauty and professionalism in her work. I will surely recommend CBHA to bridal hair stylist because all difficulties and struggles will be made easier for anyone joining.

The most important thing I have learnt is finding myself in what I love to do and enjoying it while using the right tools, products and techniques. My first impression about CBHA, was an amazing one because I knew I could gain a lot from the course which I did. The price is a good price for the knowledge and information you would gain from the course.

The result of implementing CBHA in my hair styling and business is very impressive as I am growing more confident in what I do. I started seeing results immediately. When thinking about CBHA I am just grateful and happy I registered because I gained a lot. I am very grateful to Alice because she is an amazing teacher.

Costumer service was professional and friendly. I really recommend and urge bridal hair stylist to join the course without any doubt because truly you would be gaining a lot and also have full value of your money for a life time.

Thank you so much Alice.''

- Elfrieder Dekkers  | Diva's Bridal Hair

Dutch review:

''Ik twijfelde of ik een cursus zou doen. Maar eerlijk is eerlijk, het is heel goed te volgen''


''In het begin twijfelde ik erg of ik een cursus zou doen. Vond het best lastig omdat ik dacht dat mijn Engels is heel slecht. Maar eerlijk is eerlijk. Het is heel goed te volgen in de filmpjes met uitleg! Ik heb veel gehad aan al je tips en trucs! Je kan alles rustig en duidelijk uitleggen. En je bent puur op de video's.....iedereen heeft wel eens een plukje over waarvan je denkt wat moet ik ermee.....en zo leuk dat ik dat soms ookbij jou terugzie....en hoe je het mooi oplost! Ik ben door je cursus zelfverzekerder geworden! En verbeterd in mijn resultaten! Ook mijn insta ziet er beter uit! Kortom ik ben ontzettend blij met alle kennis die ik heb opgedaan! Het was het zeker waard! Oh ja wat ben je super snel in je antwoorden bij een vraag. Je bent heel toegankelijk! Je bent een topper!!

- Tineke Vink | Beauty at Home by Tineke

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