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The ONLY online academy that will grow your confidence in Clean & Polished bridal hairstyling, help you discover your signature look to attract your dream brides, streamline your business flow, and will increase your bridal bookings.

Bridal hairstyling & Business course - SOON AVAILABLE TO PURCHASE SEPARATE!



Feeling stuck in the process of becoming/being a bridal hairstylist, because you don't know HOW to do it..

- Feeling stuck in creating clean upstyles because you don't know what products & tools to use..

- Feeling like you are attracting the wrong types of brides, who ask for styles you do not enjoy to create or who ask for discounts and don't value your time and work..

Feeling overwhelmed with all the information out there that you don't know where to start or from who you want to learn..

Feeling like you get lost in the booking process of your brides, because you don’t have a clear path/system to follow...

- Not feeling confident enough to your raise your prices and how to calculate them?

- Feeling stressed whenever a trial is scheduled because you don’t know how to breakdown the inspiration pictures your brides are showing you and you don’t know how to fill in a trial appointment

Feeling like you are not good enough and missing the confidence to stand out in the crowd?

Yes I feel exactly like this! And I am ready to chance it!

What if..

you know exactly how to create beautiful clean and polished bridal hairstyles, so that would be confident in your job as a bridal stylist!

…you would attract your ideal brides and feel confident enough the charge the price you are worth!

…you would not be stressed before a bridal trial, because you know what to do! could break down hairstyles from an inspiration picture easily! would have a streamlined booking process so you are not overwhelmed, brides book you quicker AND you actually have time to spend with your family would stand out in the crowd!


Maybe you..

just started doing hairstyling but you don’t know where to start when it comes to clean upstyling, creating ridges or beautiful glamour waves

….don’t know a lot about how and when to use the products and tools that bridal stylists need to create those beautiful hairstyles

….are in the bridal business for years, but still feel like you are attracting the wrong kinds of brides. The brides who ask for hairstyles you do not enjoy to create, and maybe ask for discounts

...are a hairdresser and you would love to expand your knowledge and skills towards bridal hairstyling

….get frustrated when you look at inspiration pictures because you don’t know how to break down that style 

….feel stressed when someone comes in with very thin or thick long hair,  because you don’t know how to work with it

... feel like you are spending hours on administration, emailing your brides back and fort etc, because there is no system in place don’t know how to stand out in the crowd

Or maybe all of the above?

Clean Bridal Hair Updo

What if I told you.. 

it’s actually possible to be a successful bridal hairstylist who is a MASTER in creating clean bridal styles and knows how to structure her bridal business

  • Without having years of experience
  • Without having to join many hairstyling courses/online academys/group courses etc
  • Without being overwhelmed with all the information there is online
  • Without hiring other peoples or team members to do the 'hard' work for you (since it is not hard, as long as you know HOW)


Clean Bridal Hair Academy


The only online bridal hairstyling course completely focused on clean polished hairstyling and attracting your ideal brides by having a signature look!



The first launch was in January 2022, during the months of October 2022 I recorded many new hair tutorials and some videos have been re-filmed for better quality. 

The course is now even better than it was!

New hairstyling tutorials on:

  • Creating half up half down with extensions
  • Creating sleek polished clean updo (using a straightener)
  • American glam waves (twist wrap technique)
  • High bridal updo using extensions

Your path (through CBHA) to become a successfull and confident bridal hairstylist

Master your Hairstyling skills


Step 1: Understanding your tools, products and hairstyling basics

(Crimping / Curling / Teasing etc)

Step 2: Understanding clean hairstyling in updo’s

The products you need for this, Why & how to use them

Understanding the key elements for creating modern updo’s (Do’s & Dont’s)

Step 3: Understanding modern ridges 

The products you need for this, Why & how to use them

Step 4: Understanding all things GLAM waves 

How to use your clip in extensions for these looks + why you need them

Understanding the process and products

Step 5: Understanding how to work with ALL hair types & lengths

Long hair, thin hair, short hair

Which products for which hair types 

Step 6: Understanding how to work with veils & hair jewelry’s

Where to place them, and how to secure them so they stay in place all day

Step 7: understanding content creation. 

How to create videos/photo’s and how to edit them for your IG and website

Master setting up/running your bridal business skills


Step 1: Understanding how hairstyles have been build up, and how you are able to breakdown ANY inspiration picture during your trial sessions

Step 2: Understanding how to serve your brides.

How you need to create your bridal packages and calculate your bridal rates the easy way. Plus how to generate more income by renting out extensions (or adding it into your ALL in 1 package).

Step 3: Understanding how a streamlined booking process works. 

why it is so important to work with contracts & deposits etc

Step 4: Understand YOUR signature look & attracting your ideal brides. 

Getting a clear plan on who your ideal brides are, what a signature look is, and HOW to attract your ideal using your signature look 

Step 5: Understanding how to have successfull trials always!

what kind of questions you need to ask, so you will understand your brides needs, and how to document your trial session

Once you own all of this, it is time for real growth & scaling! 

About your educator

If you don't know me yet, my name is Alice Kapitein. Married and mother of 2 beautiful childrends and I live in Urk, which is a small town in Holland (Europe).

I started my bridal business in February 2017 and started in September 2017 with teaching. Since then, I have taught over 300 students (could be more, I've lost count. Oopss). And in those years I served over 250 brides. 

But, before I started my bridal career, I was a secretary. Can you believe it? Crazy right?! But I know there are just like me many women and men out there who are also starting their bridal business next to their regular 9-5 jobs. 

Figuring it all out next to your 9-5 job isn’t easy!

Life is busy so you don’t have much time to attend bridal hair courses or join online courses. 

This course includes everything that you need to know to become a confident and successful bridal stylist - by having a signature look! Since 2015 I have joined many bridal hair courses, online academies and 1:1 courses. I now have developed my own way of styling. So all the information/techniques you need to MASTER these skills is what I have combined in this course. 

I want you to be successful as well and I only want to teach you the best and most necessary to succeed in a short amount of time! I would love to educate you and cheer you on!

Can't wait to meet you soon!

Xx Alice 

I am certified by Tonya Stylist, Cara Clyne, Yeliz Kaya, Zohra Handiri and many more!

and member of Kristina Gasperas Academy &

BTP Society

Alice Kapitein




' The things you learn in CBHA arent things you learn in hair school. It's really focused on working with brides.'

'Alice isn't witholding any information. She will tell you what she does and what she thinks is best for you and your client. She wants you to grow as a hairstylist'

''CBHA is very affordable, keeps you up to date, gives you lots of tips for your techniques, as for how to run your business.''

 ''The course is easy to follow but pushes you to evaluate everything you already know and try new technics.

Anne van Kampen | Mrs. Hairdo



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Say no more! I'm in.

IMAGINE being fully booked with dream brides only!

By the end of this course, you will have;

  • Confidence in creating clean updo’s
  • Confidence in creating modern ridges and you know how to make them last all day!
  • Confidence in creating beautiful glamour waves which will hold 24 hours!
  • Confidence in styling very thin or super long and thick hair
  • Knowledge on how to use all types of hair products and tools
  • Knowledge on how to use clip in extensions, how to place the veil & hair jewelry’s
  • Knowledge & confidence to have successful trials!
  • A plan on how to attract your ideal bride (by having a signature look) so more bookings will come in quickly
  • An understanding on how to break down hairstyles from inspiration pictures
  • A plan of how to structure your trial appointments, so they will be successful
  • A plan of what a streamlined booking process should look like
  • A plan on how to calculate your bridal rates (LIVE session available on this, lesson inside the course will be added soon)
  • The confidence to stand out in this huge crowd of bridal hairstylists
Thin hair bridal updo
Modern ridges bridal updo

Who is this course for?

  • Bridal hairstylists who are already in the business for a few or many years
  • Beginner bridal hairstylists who at least have some experience with hairstyling
  • Hairdressers who wants to expand their upstyling skills so they can start working with brides
  • Hairstylists who now only do event or photo shoot styling but who would like to start doing bridal hair.   
  • Anyone who loves doing hair, but who is not  licensed by cosmetology school. If you really want to do bridal hair and you know some off the basics, you are more then welcome
  • This course is not for those who have zero experience with hairstyling. With this I mean (never touched a curling iron etc) 


Full in depth video lessons & audio lessons

All video tutorials/lessons are very in depth and close up so you can see everything!

You will learn all my signature looks and I will share ALL my tricks, no secrets :) 

Every business/theory lesson has an audio version so you can listen it anywhere!

The tutorial video's do not have a separate audio file and no subtitles.

In total: 10 modules, 30 hairstyling lessons & business lessons. 

Workbook/ PDF's/ Checklists/ Templates

All ready to  download:

A complete 60 pages workbook to walk you step by step through the course, so you will stay focused and organized.

Plus, done for you:

-  email templates for your bridal booking process

- Bridal Hair trial checklists

- Tools & Products Checklist & Guide

- Template bridal contract

Access to private FB community 


Acces to me via VOXER (premium & VIP) & 

a 60minutes 1:1 video call  (VIP only)

Share all your winns & struggles with me and let me review your work privately via VOXER. (for 1 year after enrolling)

And let me help you reach your goals, audit your instagram, or discuss anything you want about bridal hairstyling and business via a 1:1 video call! (VIP only)

Or ask all your questions inside the private FB group! This is accesable for all students. 


How to use Instagram (& Canva) for your bridal business.

Instagram is KEY for growing your bridal business. Learn how to use it in combination with Canva to attract more of your dream brides.

From one bridal hairstylist to another;

''I understand what an overwhelming adventure it can be to start as a bridal hairstylist, or the be a bridal hairstylist.

There is so much more than just hairstyling, but it is not something we can learn via Google or Youtube.

I have been where you are. Searching for advice & answers. So I know exactly where you are going through. And that is why I created this program. To help & support other bridal hairstylist. I want to guide you through this process so you can become the most confident and outstanding bridal hairstylist.

Are you ready for this next step?''

I am in! How do I join?

Invest in YOU & YOUR business

DIY - Online Course CBHA


(Full payment)

  • Completely Self phased online course. No access to Alice/Email support etc
  • Access to all CBHA online course content
  • Discount codes available for webshops etc
  • No access to the Members Community (LIVE sessions/replays)
  • No email support or access to Alice


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  • Everything as in the BASIC,          
  • Acces to me via VOXER (12 months)
  • Email support  (12 months)
  • A 60minutes 1:1 video call to reach your goals/discuss your business & hairstyling progress

Bonus How to use Instagram (& Canva) for your Bridal business when paying in full!

Payment plan available ⬇️ 

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  • Everything as in the PREMIUM,    
  • Acces to me via VOXER (12 months)
  • Email support (18 months)
  • A 60minutes 1:1 video call to reach your goals/discuss your business & hairstyling progress

Bonus How to use Instagram (& Canva) for your Bridal business when paying in full!

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6 Month payment plan

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Get access to :

  • all HAIRSTYLING and business course content
  • the new update in September (Bridal Business Mastery & Bridal Hairstyling Mastery)
  • Free private FB group 
  • Bonus mini course How to use instagram for your bridal business
  • Bonus mini course Start Your bridal business

All of this, now for only €377!

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  • Everything as in the BASIC,          
  • Acces to me via VOXER (12 months)
  • Email support  (12 months)
  • A 60minutes 1:1 video call to reach your goals/discuss your business & hairstyling progress

Bonus How to use Instagram (& Canva) for your Bridal business when paying in full!

Payment plan available ⬇️ 

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(Monthly Fee) - Available for everyone!

  • Access to Members Community inside Kajabi to connect with other stylists and ask all of your questions AND
  • LIVE sessions every month (hairstyling tutorials/bridal business topics etc)
  • Replays of LIVE sessions available 
  • Discount codes available for webshops etc.

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Alg. Voorwaarden (NL)

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