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Understand¬†the WHY¬†& HOW¬†behind CLEAN bridal hairstyles and GROW your¬†bookings from IDEAL BRIDES who say yes to your prices right away!‚̧ԳŹ¬†

These courses are THE perfect foundation for beginner stylists AND advanced stylists

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Education is part of Clean Bridal Hair Academy 

The business course¬†has English ūüá¨ūüáß, Dutch¬†ūüá≥ūüáĪ & Spanish¬†ūüá™ūüáł subtitles available.

All downloadable and editable templates/checklists are in English & Dutch. 

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  • You see all these stylists mentioning on their instagram ; ‚Äė I am fully booked‚Äô and you wonder: HOW do they do that?¬†


  • You see these beautiful clean & polished styles on instagram and pinterest and all you think is: ‚ÄėI want that too! Why are mine so frizzy?‚Äô¬†¬†¬†¬†
  • You hear¬†that other stylist are able to style bridesmaids and wedding guests¬†within 45min to 1 hour and all you think is: HOW!!?‚Äô¬†
  • You are¬†active on instagram, and even have a fancy website, and somehow you are only attracting brides/clients who want a discount¬†¬†


  • And the inquiries that DO come in, somehow are not always turning into bookings and for some reason it seems you are attracting the 'wrong' brides. ‚ÄėWhat am I doing wrong‚Äô?

The information you see online is not accurate!

 Getting more bridal bookings, mastering your hairstyling skills, and attracting your ideal brides has nothing to do with:

  • Posting MORE¬†on instagram
  • Doing lots of wedding styled shoots (for free)
  • Watching lots of Youtube videos¬†

You only get results by implementing the right tactics & strategies!

In business it comes down to:

Managing (Streamlined Booking process, clear workflow, setting boundaries)

Marketing (identify WHO it is you want to serve, implement this on IG & your website)

Communication (clear communication will build trust and brides will feel comfortable booking you!)

In hairstyling it comes down to:

Knowledge (tools & products, the WHY & HOW)

Practicing (over and over!)

Becoming confident! (No one becomes confident in styling WITHOUT knowledge and practice)

Owning the right techniques!


It's time to understand HOW to RUN your bridal business and become fully booked!

More bridal bookings, and less stress over picky brides? YESS PLEASE!


All of my courses have been created for bridal hairstylists to STAND OUT in the crowd and attract your DREAM brides, who do not stress you out!

Discovering what it is that makes you UNIQUE, get real results, gain knowledge, attracting dream brides, all while ALSO having time freedom!

Once inside the courses you will learn:

- how to work with all hair types & lengths

- products/tools/extensions knowledge

- how to work fast so that bridal parties will become a breeze

- Managing, streamlining, automating & Communicating your bridal business for real succes!

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What makes these courses different compared to info online?


Bridal Hairstyling Mastery and Bridal Business Mastery are going IN DEPTH on all things bridal hair & business. 

You will not find any information like that on Youtube or Google. 

Inside Bridal Hairstyling Mastery we focus on:

- Clean & Polished bridal hairstyling

Inside Bridal Business Mastery we focus on:

- Improving the way you RUN your bridal business so that attracting your dream brides will be a breaze and you will have an income stream all year round!


Inside Bridesmaids Updo Mastery we focus on:

- Which techniques to use in order to work faster, but with great results.


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3 monthly payment plan available. Click here 

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3 monthly payment plan available. Click here 

Bundle price increases June 4th!

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THE online courses for bridal hairstylists to start MASTERING clean & polished hairstyles, and attract your dream brides so that you will be fully booked 6months to a year in advance!


What you will learn inside Bridal BUSINESS Mastery:

  • How the booking process works and which steps you should take during each part of the process
  • How to work with contracts & deposits (including templates!)
  • How your workflow should look like so you stay structured (Manage, Market, Communicate)
  • How to increase your productivity by knowing exactly what to do¬†
  • How to attract your ideal brides¬†VIA INSTAGRAM so you will be able to create the styles YOU LOVE!
  • How to create your bridal packages and¬†calculate your prices using my Google Sheet calculator
  • How to offer clip in extensions & hair jewelry's¬†
  • Why communication is KEY! and how + when to implement this
  • How to have successful trial sessions by having the right conversations and documentations
  • How to create a business plan so you stay focused on your end goals


Available with English, Dutch AND Spanish subtitles!

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Master your Hairstyling skills inside Bridal HAIRSTYLING Mastery


Step 1: Understanding your tools, products and hairstyling basics

(Crimping / Curling / Teasing etc)

Step 2: Understanding clean hairstyling in updo’s

The products you need for this, Why & how to use them

Understanding the key elements for creating modern updo’s (Do’s & Dont’s)

Step 3: Understanding modern ridges 

The products you need for this, Why & how to use them

Step 4: Understanding all things GLAM waves 

How to use your clip in extensions for these looks + why you need them

Understanding the process and products

Step 5: Understanding how to work with ALL hair types & lengths

Long hair, thin hair, short hair

Which products for which hair types 

Step 6: Understanding how to work with veils & hair jewelry’s

Where to place them, and how to secure them so they stay in place all day

Step 7: understanding content creation. 

How to create videos/photo’s and how to edit them for your IG and website

Okay lets do this!

Master your Bridesmaids skills inside Bridesmaids Updo Mastery


Learn ALL the techniques, tips & tricks for creating bridesmaids styles with ease, IN 45 MINUTES!

Let's have a look inside each course


After these programs, you will:

Understand ALL things bridal business

There is no more guess work since you know what is all included in running a bridal business, how to set your boundaries etc.

PLUS: you will generate a consistent income all year round since you are working with deposits!



Be confident in clean & polished hairstyling

No more guessing when it comes to your tools & products. 

Styling on all hair types will be easy and you will enjoy your trial sessions!

AND, when joining the bundle including Bridesmaids Updo Mastery, you will be able to create styles within 45minutes with ease! 

Attract your DREAM brides!

You will understand WHO it is you want to serve, and HOW you want to serve them. Plus you will be able to attract them via instagram with the right strategy in place!

And by implementing the right communication you will make your brides feel absolute confident about choosing you! 

and the best part: you will become fully booked 6months to a year in advance! 

Who will benefit from these courses?

  • Hairstylists who want to transition to bridal hairstyling, and who want to learn how to do this effectively
  • Beginner bridal hairstylists with¬†minimum experience when it comes to running a bridal business & creating bridal hairstyles, and they want to learn it all!
  • Bridal hairstylists who need more help with managing, marketing, communication, structuring & streamlining their bridal business


These courses are not for those who already:

- have automated systems in place

- have set clear boundaries

- are attracting their dream clients

- working with contracts & deposits and everything runs smoothly and successful.




Wife, mother, bridal hairstylist, hair educator and online course creator. 

Over the last 7 years I served over 250 brides, and taught over 300 students during in class trainings, and 300+ students are inside my online education.

But ... when I started my bridal hairstyling business 7 years ago, I was missing something. 

I didn't know where to learn HOW to structure/run/streamline my bridal business. I just guessed and learned it along the way. Meaning, it took me several years, and I made many mistakes!

I also didn't know the key elements for clean upstyling and how sticking to 1 specific style would help me to attract my dream brides. 

And I don't want that for you!

That is why I created this course, so you don't have to figure it out all on your own.

And I want you to book brides FAST & generate income all year round! Not only during wedding season. 

Results is what we are after right!?

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She went all in on bridal styling only, since January 2023!

'I am practically fully booked for the whole year, which is very good for my first year doing brides'.

Lisan Bos - @hetbeautyinstituut.

Student of Clean Bridal Hair Academy & Bridal Business Mastery

She is now working with contracts & deposits and raised her prices!

'thanks to your class I now ask for a payment BEFORE the trial session, and the final payment after, so they have payed everything before their wedding day. I wasn't doing that before'.

Desiree Smits - @dayseepoppy_visagie

Student of Clean Bridal Hair Academy (now Bridal Business Mastery & Bridal Hairstyling Mastery)


And what about the styling results?!¬†ūüėć

Read more testimonials about my education here
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